New Leaders at Fairlands!

bffd25b3bdc6f17c44003e2b6The CoH selected the following new PL’s and APL’s. Congratulations and may you have Good Scouting as leaders in Fairlands!

Troop Leader : Alan Brown

Jaguar : PL – Robert Casey APL – Darrian v Vuuren

Spitfires : PL – Brandon Casey APL – Thato Finger

Mirage : PL – Kyle Haskins APL – Aidan Campleman

Hawks : PL – vacant APL – Jessica Eustace


  1. Hi there, my son is interested in joining your group.

  2. Mitch, have you tried contacting one of the leaders on the contact page? Have a look here

  3. Hi Fairlands Air Scouts Troup.

    I was a great pleasure hosting you Guys and Gals at the North Cliff shooting range this evening.For many of you who have only fired an air rifle for the first time tonight, well done, As in any sport, do not be discourage the first time you attempt a sport for the first time. Please do come back and pay us a visit. we are there on any given Sunday. So grab dad or mum and come down to the range in the afternoon and get shooting.

    Kind regards


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