Why be a Scout?

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Being a scout has several important benefits for young people. Here are a few:

Scouting is a value based program

Scouts make a promise when when they join, and then live up to that promise. Scouting teaches values, promotes good citizenship, and provides good adult role models. The program is diversified. It is not the same thing every day as some youth activities can be. In fact, Scouting compliments other organizations by providing program that they may be missing.

Scouting develops leadership abilities

Scouts do lots of planning. They learn new things through hands-on experiences, not just by text book learning. They will receive the chance to be a leader by holding a position of responsibility in the troop.

Scouting is educational

Through the advancement program a scout will learn many new skills. Some of these will be just for fun, but many will help him later on in life. Subjects introduced may help a scout discover a new life-long hobby or even a career choice. As scouts earn badges and ranks they are recognized in front of their parents and peers for their accomplishments. This builds self esteem and helps them to develop a sense of pride.

Scouting encourages service to the community

An important part of Scouting is doing service for others. Part of the scout’s promise is “to help other people at all times”. By doing service a scout develops a pride in his community, a pride that will carry into adulthood.

Scouting can be a vehicle to bring families together

Many families find scouting to be a neutral topic, one in which parents and children can participate together. It offers parents a chance to spend ‘quality time’ with their children. And the program is already there. All you have to do is participate.

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